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Staff Testimonials

If you join us you can expect a positive and transparent management style and genuine positive interactions with colleagues and across teams. We are a company that aspires to be the best for our customers and one which is an enlightening place to work. Take a look at the testimonials and see for yourself.

We have asked a number of our team to share their personal experiences of working at Nutricia. These are real people who work for us and hopefully you can empathise and relate to their experience of Nutricia as an employer.

Written Testimonials

Edel Duffy - Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian

Edel Duffy - Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian

I joined Nutricia in January 2007 as a Dietitian in the Medical Department. Initially, I was not really sure what the job would entail but I knew I was looking for something a little different.

I had just completed a PhD and had previously worked in clinical practice so I wanted the best of both worlds - the practicalities of clinical nutrition and the chance to be at the helm of developments in nutrition.

When I joined, there were 4 other Dietitians working in the Medical Department. It was great to have their support to make the transition to an industry Dietitian an easy one (we now have 5 Dietitians and are growing all the time).

What I really like about the job is that there is lots of variety; one day I could be presenting to healthcare professionals, the next working with the marketing department on a new campaign or the next working with our global teams to develop new products.

I have been with Nutricia for three years now and the time has flown by; I am sure the next three will be just as eventful!
Jo Wilson - Senior Hospital Key Account Manager

Jo Wilson - Senior Hospital Key Account Manager

I joined Nutricia in October 1999, having worked for two and a half years as a hospital-based Dietitian with absolutely no sales experience! My only experience in sales was what I had seen of the sales representatives who came into the hospital. Having watched one particularly informative, reliable and enthusiastic sales representative (the Nutricia one, of course), I thought I’d like to give sales a go!

When I started with Nutricia I found that my experience as a Dietitian gave me a very good insight to the needs of our hospital customers and I got the training and support I needed to develop my sales skills. I soon discovered that I really enjoyed sales and 10 years later, having progressed into a senior hospital account manager role, I’m still really enjoying the challenges of my job.

I’ve always found Nutricia to be a great place to work on both a professional and personal level and I look forward to continuing to work for a very innovative and supportive company.